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So the story of that night in which Maria ends up dead unfolds through the eyes of Zoe, her aunt Tessa, Lucas's script, Tessa's husband, and Sam who was Zoe's solicitor defense attorney in the past. They are forced from their vision of family perfection into "the system" which Zoe has very good reason not to trust. So in the end, the defendant becomes the judge and I rather enjoyed the ride.

The title of this book should really be "Flawed Characters" as the majority of the book is focused on exactly that. Zoe, the general central character is a lifeless, broken girl with a supposed impressive IQ. Why that's mentioned in the story is beyond me because nothing about her presents an extremely intelligent person. Gifted in being a pianist, yes, but not in intellect. The gist of this story is how Zoe, central character, had gone through a traumatic event involving her drunk driving and ultimately through circumstances during the driving, loses control of the car and kills three passengers.

She ends up in a children's rehabilitation center since she's a minor.

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We know little about her during this period other than she was supposedly bullied and ended up being liked by a "popular" boy which caused the bullying. Here is where the author could've used the high IQ or something else to create Zoe's world of exclusion but didn't. We're fast forwarded and doing look backs as Zoe and her mother go into a "Second Chance Life. A parent of one of the deceased passengers shows up and everything begins to unravel only this doesn't add up. Suddenly, we find out her mother has problems with her husband, not a surprise at all.

Her semi step brother is the epitome of a kid living in fear of his father.


Not a surprise at all. And in come all the other characters whether directly impacting the story or not. The ending is pathetic.

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Zoe is someone who can't understand her own inner rage and teaches her step brother how to express his through misdirection. Needless to say, the murder in the story is dull and not unexpected. There are a number of critics out here that give the writing style credit and yes, it does move along but I found myself skimming through passages because there was so much unnecessary filler.

If you're someone who likes a neatly packaged story with predictable people, this will suit you. Can a young girl ever live-down a tragedy she caused when she was years old? Well, Zoe and her mother try to escape, but a dark past has a way of following along, despite the fact that Zoe is a gifted pianist.

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  • Zoe and her half brother Lucas are all prepared to give a dual piano concert when the past makes itself known. What follows is a claustrophobic character-based study--brilliantly told.

    Perfect Girl

    A murder heightens the drama, This is an excellent psychological mystery with surprises. A wonderful book! It kept me wondering -- and shocked me -- with an incredible conclusion.. I hate when Im reading a book and Im constantly reminded that Im reading a book because what Im reading is so silly. The dialogue is silly and flat.

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    • The story has so many unlikely occurrences all going on at the same time. The characters are dull and undeveloped. So many things happen that do not contribute to the plot. It is just a mess.

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      I read on waiting for it to get somewhere, quit at 90 percent. I read her other book and loved it. Worst book EVER! Struggled to finish to the end. So long, and boring.

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